Senior expert team from national platform
    • High voltage pulse field

    • Ultrasound therapy

    • Technology precipitation

    • Design and Development Team

Pulsecare Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in July 2021 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Based on years of solid technical accumulation in the field of high voltage pulse and ultrasound therapy, the Pulsecare Medical company members come from a team of senior experts of national platforms with strong execution and ultra high R&D efficiency, which has rapidly completed the development of four industry leading multimodal energy platforms, including pulsed electric field, radio frequency, ultrasound, plasma, and so on. Based on the advanced multimodal energy platform technology, the team has laid out products such as nsPFA cardiac electrophysiology ablation, ultrasound RDN, multimodal tumor ablation system, etc., which are tailored to the clinical needs for different indications. The company will live up to the trust of doctors and patients, and strive to become an international first class multimodal minimally invasive and non invasive therapeutic device enterprise.

  • Company Vision
    Focus on clinical needs and patients, and become a world-class provider of innovative minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment products and solutions!
  • Company mission
    Live up to the hard work of strugglers, live up to the trust of doctors and patients!
  • company values
    Innovation and openness, honesty and pragmatism, struggle as a priority, reverence for life!